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TWO CHAMBER MODEL SEISCO RA-7 (For Potable Hot Water Application)

(For Potable Hot Water Application)

The RA-07 is excellent for point-of-use applications at
coffee bars; office & industrial warehouse wash sinks, and single lavatory
faucets; to comply with code. Perfect for RV’s and small motor homes and
supplements existing tank-type heaters. This on-demand tankless water
heater is the enabling technology for use as back-up to active renewable
energy systems such as solar and geothermal water heating systems. The
temperature activated control works effectively in re-circulating systems
and in combination with tank-type heaters. Requires only one 30 Amp,
240 VAC electric circuit
SIZE: 15 3/4"x10 1/4"x6 1/4"
WEIGHT: 16 lbs.
CONTENTS: .5 gal of water
HTG ELEMENTS: 2 x 3500w

*Prices Valid Only in the Continental US

"SH"-7 Models (space heating) provide powerful replacements for boilers and storage tanks used in Hydronic heating and Radiant Floor heating systems.

For more information and prices click here or on "HYDRONIC SPACE HEATERS" tab (column on the left side of the screen).

Product SKU: RA-7


Price: $630.00
Sale Price:$570.00